A skilled staff composed of dedicated professionals has been recruited to make the curriculum come alive and to make The Model School Comprehensive Humanistic Learning Center a true model school alternative.

Each classroom staff is composed of a head teacher and co-teachers or instructional assistants. Depending on the circumstances, head teachers may be selected by a Model School personnel committee, composed of staff and parents from the classroom where the vacancy exists. This committee selects head teachers whom they perceive not only as being warm and loving, but also well trained, experienced and skilled in the art and science of facilitating the growth and development of young children.

All head teachers at The Model School meet, and generally exceed, state requirements. Other staff members in the classroom may be co-teachers who are qualified teachers or instructional assistants who are experienced care givers with proven experience or teachers in training.

The director and founder of The Model School, Dr. Daisy L. Rivers-Mante has a rich educational background and many years’ experience in the field of early childhood education. She enjoys working with young children; she is committed to their growth and development and to the growth ad development of those adults whose duty and privilege it is to guide them.

General Objectives

To develop and implement a model school and child development center
To provide supervision, instruction, guidance, educational activities and recreation for young children in well prepared, humanistic, developmentally appropriate learning environment
To conduct and/or participate in scientific research which leads to a better understanding of the learning process and to the development and implementation of effective teaching techniques
To provide informal education, instruction and support for parents
To provide a comprehensive full day program so that parents can be gainfully employed, seek employment, participate in a training program or pursue other interests
To develop and implement a community outreach program by involving the community in Model School sponsored activities which promote positive attitudes and behaviors toward children and schools

Specific Objectives

To develop learning environments which meet the needs of every child
To provide a wide variety of cognitive and social experiences
To help each child to experience daily success and develop self esteem
To help each child to develop the ability to concentrate
To help each child learn to make choices and to conceive and develop his or her own ideas
To help each child to develop trust in herself or himself and appropriate trust in others
To help each child develop initiative and a sense of responsibility
To help each child enhance and maintain his or her innate sense of order
To provide for the child a safe, healthy, supportive and beautiful environment while away from home
To provide for special needs and to discover and nurture the abilities and talents of each child

Records and Developmental Profiles
In addition to the admission records that parents complete at the time of enrollment, The Model School maintains other records designed to help teachers to be aware of each child’s development and progress.

In the Infant and Toddler classes, we use “The Model School Developmental Profile” developed from a variety of sources by Dr. Mante. These instruments provide an overview of the child’s developmental level in the social/emotional, gross motor, fine motor, language development and cognitive domains. We also maintain a daily record sheet which provides information regarding the child’s day, including food intake, toileting, napping, milestones, and “cute stuff.”

In the Pre-Kindergarten classrooms, we use “The Model School Developmental Profile,” which gives a comprehensive overview of each child’s interests and progress in all domains.