The Model School is based on philosophical concepts, and it is assumed that persons who enroll their children accept those philosophical concepts.

The Model School admits children between the ages of three months and six years. We do not have preconceived notions about what the child should be like. We accept children as they are and do our best to provide a program which meets their needs both as an individual and a member of a group.

Parents who wish to learn more about The Model School or to enroll their children are invited to make an appointment for a personal interview. The director will conduct a tour of the facility, introduce staff, answer questions and review the school philosophy, goals and objectives. Parental needs and expectations are explored so that parents can make an informed decision.

All children will be accepted on a trial basis. In the unlikely event that the child is unable to adjust to the school setting within a reasonable amount of time, parents may request withdrawal in accordance with their contract. The school may also terminate placement.

Parents who believe that The Model School provides a suitable environment for their children and wish to submit an application are required to complete:

1.  The Model School Registration form, and the
Out-Of-State Emergency form.

If you were informed that there is no space available at this time, you are invited to join the
Waiting List.
Registration fee due upon submission, collected on the school’s behalf by a 3rd-party secure site.

2. The following State-required forms:

(a) Lic. 701 “Physician Report
(b) Lic. 702 “Child’s Preadmission Health History
(c) Lic. 700 “Identification and Emergency Information
(d) Lic. 627 “Consent for Medical Treatment
(e) Lic. 995 “Notification of Parents’ Rights
(f) Lic. 613A “Personal Rights

3. Admission Agreement/Contract

Please completely fill out these forms and mail them to:

Admissions Dept.
Attn: Marina Barnett
2330 Prince Street
Berkeley, CA 94705

Waiting List
After classes are filled, a waiting list will be maintained, and parents will be notified as appropriate vacancies occur. We accept children on a “first come, first served basis,” except that siblings of currently enrolled children receive priority.

Non Discriminatory Policy
The Model School Comprehensive Humanistic Learning Center does not discriminate in any program or in employment on the basis of race, creed, sex, age, ethnic background, marital or veteran status, national origin or disability.

Child Abuse Policy
All incidents of SUSPECTED child neglect or abuse will be reported to the proper authorities in accordance with California state law. (California Penal Code, Section 11165-11174)

The Model School is a licensed facility. Licensing numbers are: Infant Lic. 010211122 Preschool Lic. 010211112.